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The Internal Revenue Service or IRS has made online EIN application available as opposed to earlier when the applicant had to fill an SS-4 form. This service enables the applicant to receive an EIN number instantly and it is therefore the most preferred method. The online EIN application method is available to all those with a primary business or residence in the United States or its territories. Also to be eligible to make an online application the applicant must have a valid Taxpayer Identification number such as a Social Security Number or the like.

User friendly interface and question and answer format helps avoid the complexities of filling the SS-4 form and also cuts out the wait as the EIN is issued immediately at the end of the online session.

The other ways to apply for an EIN number are by making a phone call at the IRSís toll free number 1-800-829-4933 between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. where an IRS representative will set up the account and assign an EIN number during the phone call. It is thus preferable that the applicant making the EIN application fills in form SS-4 prior to making the phone call so that the relevant information can be furnished to the IRS representative.

Another way is to fax the completed SS-4 form to the designated Fax-TIN number of the IRS and the EIN will be faxed back to the applicant within four working days. The Fax-TIN numbers are available round the clock throughout the year.

An EIN application can also be sent through mail. The completed SS-4 form should be mailed to the service centre address and an EIN will be received in the mail about four weeks after the filing date. In case of mailing, the applicant should mail the completed, signed and dated form at least four to five weeks prior to his requirement.

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